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About 3004

Established in July 2017.

We aim to provide the market with innovative solutions that are cost-effective with a high standard quality that reflects our brand.

Why Choose 3004

Because we do not only design your requirements, but also make you see it live in 3D and be able to have a walkaround in Your home simply through Your smart phone - no need to stress Your imagination.

The 3004 Approach

We promise You...

Our Mission

To innovate for You, and on Your behalf, and safeguard Your investment.

Our aim...

Our Vision

To leave a statement for the future.

Customer Journey

The 3004 Journey


Concept Design

We start with getting to know You, Your lifestyle and Your budget

Unlimited changes to the concept until You are happy!

Don't worry, so far You have no commitments.


Present the Concept

We aim to get it right from the first time, but as they say "measure twice, cut once"


Approving the Concept

Once You are happy with the concept, and surely happy with us, you can then appoint us officially as Your guardian!


Detailed Design

Sit back, and relax! 3004 will get the job done for You:

  1. We will prepare the detailed Architectural drawings

  2. We will design the Structural skeleton of Your home

  3. We will then layout your home's nervous system (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing - MEP)

  4. Finally, we will get it approved by the authorities


Appointing the Contractor

3004 will study the bidders that will offer to build Your home and we will report to You their Financial and Technical offers



3004 will supervise the construction until delivered

To New Beginings

Galley Magazine

Our magazine is - simply - our Instagram account!

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